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Britain`s secret death squads, 30 November 2010 1970`s Britains Labour Party Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, resigned in his fourth term. He called upon a BBC journalist to investigate what was really going on in Britain. Wilson told the journalist he had resigned because he could not implement his socialist policies and he wanted the journalist to find out why. Wilson said he thought it had something to do with the fox hounding brigade. The journalist investigated for about two years but never found anything. Wilsons critics called him paranoid. Thirty years later CIA secret papers were released under the thirty year secrecy rule and it was revealed that the CIA was running "Black Ops" in Britain.

1979 Thatcher comes to power and states she needs three terms to set her agenda in concrete, her aim to destroy socialism.

1980 I was Shop Steward in Vickers Shipbuilding, I complained and got a petition signed by scores of co- workers about being forced to inhale toxic vapours, was dragged in front of 9 managers, accused of being against nuclear programme and sacked.

!980 A train is bombed in Bologna Italy, 85 people killed 200 injured. The terrorist organisation responsible for this in called the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei or the Third Position. A Nazi death squad with its roots back to Mussolini.

1981 Thatcher disbands MI5. The elite branch is disbanded and MI5 revamped.

1985 Head of Third Position Roberto Fiore has fled Italy and has safe haven in Britain where he teams up with Nicolas Griffin. Between them they recruit as many Nazi misfits as they can.

1986 Thatcher has the book Spycatcher banned over most of the world. Peter Wright, Deputy Director of MI5 said,” we’ve worked for three decades to stave off Russian KGB infiltration into Britain, two years into power and Thatcher has disbanded this programme breaking our elite unit up and pouring all resources into another unit that hasn`t got a clue, from now on MI5 is to go after domestic targets, people they call subversives, big brother looms. Anyone wishing to know why Thatcher had Spycatcher banned need only read the last chapter of the book, it`s all there.

1987 A Private Detective named Daniel Morgan is murdered in a pub car park with an axe embedded into his head. He was warning that the Metropolitan Police were going to flood Britain with hard drugs. He had just told his story to News of the World crime journalist. The Home Office/Police operation which I describe below was the mechanism for this. While they were in Lancashire the streets were flooded with Heroin.

1982-1988 In the short space of just six years 23 English scientists have all been found dead, their deaths all put down to suicide. All had worked on the development of electronic warfare. A list of the deceased and the dates and the circumstances of their deaths follows.

1982. Professor Keith Bowden, killed in auto crash.

July 1982. Jack Wolfenden, died in a glider accident.

November 1982. Ernest Brockway, suicide.

1983. Stephen Drinkwater, suicide by strangulation.

April 1983. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Godley, missing, declared dead.

April 1984. George Franks, suicide by hanging.

1985. Stephen Oke, suicide by hanging.

November 1985. Jonathan Wash, suicide by jumping from a building.

1986. Dr John Brittan, suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

October 1986. Arshad Sharif, suicide by placing a rope around his neck, tying it to a tree and then driving away at high speed. Took place in Bristol, one hundred miles away from his home in London.

October 1986. Vimal Dajibhai, suicide by jumping from a bridge in Bristol, one hundred miles away from his home in London.

January 1987. Avtar Singh-Gida, missing, declared dead.

February 1987. Peter Peapell, suicide after crawling under car in garage.

March 1987. David Sands, suicide by driving car into cafe at high speed.

April 1987. Mark Wisner, death by self-strangulation.

April 10th,1987. Stuart Gooding, killed in Syprus.

April 10th, 1987 David Greenhalgh. Fell off a bridge.

April 1987. Shani Warren, suicide by drowning.

May 1987. Michael Baker. Killed in auto crash.

May 1988. Trevor Knight, suicide.

August 1988. Alastair Beckham, suicide by self-electrocution.

Date unknown. Victor Moore, suicide.


1988 David Cameron has just left university and he joins the Conservative Research Department (CRD). This organisation sets the tory party agenda. It is the brain and the rudder of the tory party. In the early eighties Sir Keith Joseph was also party to this outfit.

1989 Riots at Strangeways and the prison is wrecked. Prisoners transferred to police cells in Lancashire, this takes Lancashire police off the streets because they are put onto prisoner lock up duties in their stations.

1991 World in Action documentary A secret murder squad had been exposed in Italy, it was named Gladio. The head of that squad was asked what they did, he said they were set up secretly, even the police didn`t know we existed, in fact we murdered three police officers who were finding out about us. At the end of interview the interviewer called former Gladio head scum. Gladio head replied by saying “We send them to your country, Great Britain, to get them trained.” When asked about this allegation Gladio boss said “I`m not telling you anymore except that it`s the Freemasons and the far right that are at the back of it. “We`ve been exposed, your country is the best at this that’s why they`re trained there before being returned to Italy. What I’ve just told you is a matter for you and your country to deal with.

1980`s A book published in 2012 titled: MURDOCH`S POLITICS, HOW ONE MAN`S THIRST FOR WEALTH AND POWER SHAPES OUR WORLD by David McNIGHT states that during the 1980`s, Rupert Murdock gave financial support to David Hart who organised extreme right-wing groups. Hart had infiltrated Britains 1984-1985 miners strike, he gave money to disafected minors and reported personally to Thatcher. Hart launched a legal challenge to the strike which fataly wounded it. Hart was also an advisor to Thatcher and had organised the visit to Britain of the Nicaraguan Contra leader Adolfo Calero.

Murdoch wrote of begining a `new arrangement` to Hart in 1989. It was to be the transfer from his own private funding of Hart to British tax payer funding for extreme Thatcherite groups. That new arrangement is detailed in the following paragraph. The book "Murdochs politics" also revealed that during the seventies and eighties the CIA chief had funelled millions of dollars per year into extreme Raegon and Thatcher groups in Britain, America and Europe.

1991 March 14 A police press release in a free paper named the Citizen titled: End of the Crime Line. It stated: 3500 volunteer drivers have targeted Lancashire over the past 2 years. It`s been a pilot scheme, first of its` kind ever, funded by the Home Office and run in conjunction with the police. We have been so successful we are now to move nationwide. Other bodies will take over in Lancashire upon our exit.

Throughout this 2 year period I was stalked on Mass and subjected to electronic warfare weapons and psychological warfare. All library archives in Lancashire that should have recorded this info are missing so too are the Citizen copies. Editor of citizen constantly asked police to give them a copy of that press release but Lancashire police refused.

Note how the above operation takes place after the 23 British government sientists are dead, who as I stated above, all worked on the development of electronic warefare.

1991 Lancs evening post carried this police press release titled: Police Enlist Army of Spotters 700 vehicle drivers are on Lancashire’s streets, their the eyes and ears of the police and their sponsored by BNFL, Group 4 Total Securities and BAe Systems. I contacted a Labour councillor, Jonathon Sacksena, and told him off all the records missing from the archives of the 3500 police press release March 14 1991. He told me on that same date a leaflet was dropped all over his ward by a splinter group of the national front named the Third Position. He held a meeting in Preston Council to bring this to their attention and gave me the minutes of that meeting.

1991 My son is murdered by mystery virus aged 10. He had been conceived whilst I worked in VSEL being forced to inhale toxic oil vapours. He died in Pendelbury childrens hospital. Hospital told us they did not know where virus came from, what it was or how he got it. After his death they told us he had no brain on left side of head as they had done a scan. We were refused inquest where I would have told of being stalked and terrorised by police stalkers. I brought all of the above to the attention of Audrey Wise MP and asked her to investigate, she did nothing.

1991 22 October, The Evening Mail, Barrow-in-Furness carries a story titled: “BNFL LOVE LIFE PROBE.” The article related to the boats that carried nuclear waste and warned that if the workers don`t disclose full details of every lover they`ve had over the past 5 years, even if they are now deceased, they will be sacked.

1992 October 2 Lancashire Evening Post article titled: Hidden terror of race abuse revealed. A shock report today reveals a sickening catalogue of racial abuse in Preston. The hard-hitting report called Hidden from View-Racial Harassment in Preston, commissioned by Preston Council found nearly three in four ethnic households had experienced racial harassment in the last two years. It also says victims found 71 per cent of police investigations unsatisfactory.

1994 Preston Citizen 20-1-94 HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Thieves make off with 18 M-way security cameras.

1996 or there about I Handed the above info to leader of Labour party, Valerie Wise and asked her to put this to the Chief Executive as part of a town Hall complaint. The following day she sacked the Chief EX. This made front page of Lancs post for 6 months. Valerie Wise refused to give her reasons for sacking Chief Executive without the backing of the Labour Party.

1996 Britains Conservative Party admitted that they had deployed micro-wave weapons om the Greenham Common anti-war peace protestors. Go to online web page of Power-Watch, info about this is conected to a link on the home page.

1997 Or near there. Lancashire Evening Post story, "Female students in stalking terror," Miss Read said Preston Students had been left fearing for their safety after receiving letters and messages claiming to know where they lived and their daily routine. One or two had had their phones disconnected by the stalker and some received really vicious and obscene e-mail. Vicki Merchant, former harassment officer at University of Central Lancashire who now runs a national harassment network, said the problem was more widespread than many people realised.

1997 After being terrorised around 4 different addresses in Preston I felt I had to flee the area and return back to my home town of Barrow-in-Furness.

1997 Visited John Hutton MP. Told him of the above and showed documents I had in relation to same. At my request he wrote to Chief Constable of Lancs, Pauline Claire and asked about operations during 1991-1992. I had specifically told Hutton and shown documents for between 1989-1991. Hutton had moved the goal post. The reply stated “They couldn`t remember.” Hutton rocketed to top of Cabinet and I wasn`t allowed to speak to him again.

1997 Once back in Barrow I noticed the same was going on here as had in Preston. I knew most of the locals.

1998 approx Lancaster university did the biggest survey ever in Barrow and found 6 out of 10 people were scared to walk the streets of the town centre after dark despite every street corner having massive military type CCTV cameras. Jack Straw placed this organisation on a statutory parliamentary basis after declaring it was started up secretly under John Major in 1992. Britain’s version of the FBI which he named, National Criminal Intelligence squad, (NCIS). I wrote to Editor of North West Evening Mail explaining to her what was going on.

1999 October 12 The editor of the North West Evening Mail, Sarah Hadwin, featured myself on the front page of the newspaper standing in front of Barrow-in-Furness cenotaph, on which a swastika and Nazi words had been painted. The publicity drove the Nazi outfit out immediately. Barrow returned to how I remembered it when I was young, quiet and pleasant.

If you go to the blog by Professor Claude Fischer of Berkeley University, titled: A crime puzzle: violent crime declines in America

Notice how just before the year 2000 the homicide rate in America falls instantly back to a level not seen since the 1950`s. This coincides with what I mention in the paragraph immediately proceeding this one and that's not a coincidence, it`s connected. It`s like I chopped the end of an octopus tentacle off and the whole octopus vanished. This is the CIA global assassination programme Leon Panetta discovered after being head of CIA for just four months: the programme Obama refuses to investigate; the programme run by Dick Cheeney that`s been kept secret from congress.

Britains Home office alters the way they count violent crime for the first time since 1982 when records first started to be monitored.

1999 December I wrote to my former union National Secretary Sir Ken Jackson telling him of my plight, he replied saying: “you have never been a member of this union.” I replied sending a letter from VSEL which clearly states I used to be a Shop Steward. 2000 January 10 I received another reply from AEUW headquarters stating I was never a member of that union and no record exists to show that I had been.

2000 Go to a web site titled: Europe union; mind control.

2000 June Operation Pool is launched and Nine detectives from Cumbria Special Branch are put on light duties, a Detective Inspector and a Superintendent from Cumbria police are also under investigation. The Superintendent also has 35 officers of sick. They are accused of farcical acts which they are all eventually cleared of. An investigating officer looking into the charges from another force said he was extremely alarmed over the whole charade and The Evening Mail reveals full details of the flawed investigation described by the panel chairman as “almost comical.” Police sources say they fear full details of the report into the above will never be disclosed. I asked the chief crime reporter from The Evening Mail, Suzanne Murphy, if she could give me any inside information, she told me she had personally requested info into the report but was told, “ you can`t have it, it`s covered by National Security.”


2000 August 24 Police press release titled: Police stretched to Limit says detective. Barrows most senior detective says violence in Cumbria has fallen 40% over last 12 months. He explains this is because police are not on streets to see violence because of labour cutbacks.

2000 September Project for a New American Century. This was a strategic document put forward by a group of neoconservatives outlining a new approach for US global dominance in the twenty-first century. This think tank included Dick Cheney, the vice-president; Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defence; Paul Wolfowitz, his deputy; Jeb Bush, brother of George (W) and governor of Florida; and Lewis Libby, the leader of Bush`s 2000 election campaign. This document concerns the readjustment of US military forces across the globe. The report states that only an incremental approach can be taken to this radical restructuring owing to political and public constraints, unless there was “some catastrophic and catalysing event like a new Pearl Harbor”.

2001 June/July/August Blunkett`s Diaries reveals: I am finding out some staggering things. The Crime Reduction Programme was underspent massively in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001. In the financial year 2000-2001 they only spent half of the 160 million budgeted, and the Treasury has clawed it back. They didn`t get agreement to carry it over into the new financial year, as we did in the DFEE with Sure Start, so they have given it up. They have obviously just capitulated to the Treasury. This theme of financial mismanagement and ineptitude was to carry on throughout the four years that I was in the Home office, and was reflected in a National Audit Office report in late January 2006. I thought by the time that I left we had got a real grip, but things had deteriorated again since.

2001 Home Secretary Blunkett came to Barrow to find out why it had gone from one of the most violent towns in the country to one of safest. Cumbria police told him it was your neighbourhood police targeting that had done it. Blunkett uses neighbourhood police as blueprint for whole country.

2001 July. Northern Towns: riots broke out in Bradford. Blunkett says “As ever, the British National Party thrived just outside areas of diverse ethnicity. What he didn’t get was that it was the actions of the BNP and police for most of the previous decade that had caused these tensions. Blunkett says he got the police to sort it out although he added there were few insights as to what was behind the riots.

2001 Blunkett Diaries July Andrew Smith ( Chief Secretary to the Treasury) came across to see Blunkett to say they would reallocate cash towards the Crime Reduction Programme but that they wanted a say in how it was spent on the criminal justice system, as it affected the Lord Chancellor and Attorney General. Additional funding for street wardens was also to be made available through the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. In July 2001 we began to move onto what would become the new Community Beat Teams and a return genuine neighbour security and policing.

2001 September 11th Twin towers hit by passenger aeroplanes. The CIA and New York City counter- terrorism offices were based in Building 7 of the World Trade Centre and that collapsed the same day; It wasn`t hit by an airplane of either of the twin towers. Any evidence of inside involvement was destroyed that same day.

2001 Barrow Evening Mail carries this story titled: Reform see residents protect streets, Civilians to back police on streets. Home secretary David Blunkett announced plans for uniformed civilian wardens to patrol town. In September , Bernard Devlin, a convicted Nazi thug says he`s going to organize street patrols and has the backing of a Tory council leader.

2001 Five Chief Constables from the north west of England resign, among them is Chief Constable of Cumbria, Collin Phillips and Chief constable of Lancashire, Pauline Claire.

2005 Nuclear "police" are set up, their stated mission is to stalk anti nuclear protesters. The Nazi organisation I smashed in Britain, October 1999, which resulted in half of the crime reduction budget being sent back to the Treasury is now fully up and running again with this new development. They don`t just stalk, they gang stalk and use radio frequency weapons on their targets. These weapons wreck their victims lives, cause strokes, heart attacks and cancer as well as teeth falling out and spinal osteoarthritis.

2005 July 7th Bombs detonate on London underground trains and on a bus. There are inconsistencies in the official report as to what really happened that day. David Cameron has been called upon to hold a public inquiry into this terrible terrorist attack, but he refuses. I guess spending on counter terrorism has been restored back to the pre 2000 levels. Go to the home page of the 7/7 Truth Movement for a full explanation of the events on that day.

2005 Professor Shepard finds that since 2000, 25,000 people per annum less have had to visit A and E as a result of a violent attack. I realised that what I had done had impacted nationally.

Charles Clark, Home Secretary, commissioned a study into violent crime rates and found that the Home office had doubled the violent crime statistics in 2002. In other words, only half of the violent crime stats since 2002 were really violent crimes.

2005 Home office Changes the way violent crime recorded 320 times. NCIS disbanded and SOCA set up. NCIS didn`t catch any criminal Mr bigs.

2008 August Rupert Murdoch welcomed Cameron on board his luxury yacht moored off a Greek island. Along the way, Cameron appointed the former editor of Murdock`s News of the World, Andy Coulson, as adviser and spokesman.

2010 I remembered that about the same time as I`d smashed this outfit in Cumbria there was a big fuss over some Mayor Juliani stopping most of the crime in New York through his zero tolerance policing, so I started to check this on the net. I came across a site by Professor Claude Fischer of Berkeley University titled: A crime puzzle; violent crime declines in America. After some study of this I realised that what I had done had impacted on America and that this must have been some sort of CIA global assassination programme I`d smashed.

2012 London Olympics, G4s is given the contract for the security of the Olympic games as it has the man power to cover this event. Army has to be called in at last moment because although G4s has the man power suddenly they cannot discharge this task. Nobody gets to find out why this bizarre situation has happened. The reason is that although G4s has the manpower on their books security is only a part of what they do, it is a cover for their part in this secret militia I describe and for that reason they could not cover the games because they play a much more sinister game. No public inquiry by the Tory`s into this one then.

2013 June 12 Mail Online: WARNING OF A `PRIVATE ARMY` RUNNING BRITAIN AFTER GOVERNMENT INCREASES SPENDING ON SECURITY FIRM G4S BY £65 MILLION. Labour MP Barry Sheerman, who obtained the figures on government spending with G4S, said he was worried about an increasing over-reliance on a small number of companies. He warned: ‘The trouble is a lot of contractors are in a monopoly. They do seem to be swelling up and getting bigger and bigger and we are getting to the stage where the over-reliance on one company troubles you. ‘I am becoming increasingly worried about the monopoly position that G4S have in security services. ‘They are becoming the private army of Her Majesty's Government. There is something going on that I think we need to shine a spotlight on.

A spokesperson for G4s said "We`ve been working for British governments for more that two decades now."

2013 Heard a talk in the House of lords about a global decline of crime which nobody understands and that this had been written about by Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer on the 28th April. That article is online and its title is: A crime mystery; crime has gone down and nobody really knows the reason why. After studying this document I realised this was a global CIA assassination programme. The one Leon Panetta discovered after being head of the CIA for four months; the day after this programme was discovered Obama declared it terminated and went over to CIA headquarters to tell them he has no intention of investigating; Dick Cheney, who kept this programme secret from Congress said it was only thought of since 9/11 but never implemented. This was a lie.

2013 SOCA disbanded for same reason as NCIS. Soca`s director just threw the towel in after declaring there was a conflict of interest because he hadn`t declared his wife was a big noise in a global “Security” network called G3. This while coming under scrutiny from the Home Affairs Select Committee. Keith Vaz MP said,”We only have weeks left to get to the back of what’s really being going on with SOCA as they are shortly due to be wound up.”

2013 For the 19th year the European Audit commission has refused to sign off the finances because of fraud. Marta Andreason, now Conservative MEP, was head of accountancy for European regeneration money, Marta was stating ten years ago that regeneration funding of member states was being stolen and not going into regeneration at all. Marta started to investigate where the money was really going , she stated, "doors were slamed in my face everywhere I probed and then I was sacked." Marta was interviewed on Russia Today International 18-12-13 by Ashtin Ratansi and he asked her how much was disapearing annually, Marta replied, "it`s mmore than six billion Euros annually." Ashtin then asked what Mrs Thatcher tried to do about this, Marta replied,"Mrs Thatcher could not have understood the nature of this great beast." Ashtin then asked, "did this fraud start nineteen years ago then." Marta said "the audit commission has only been in existence for nineteen years."

2013 Russia Today International: Abby Martin reveals that there is fifty billion dollars annually put into secret operations by America and she is unable to reveal what this is funding.

2014 Daily Mirror 27th of September: Grayling Fined Over Data Loss Justice Secretary Chris Grailing was hit with a 180,000 fine yesterday after sensitive data on thousands of prisoners went missing. New hard drives with encription technology were provided to 75 prisons but staff did not know they had to activate the protection. The error went undetected for more than a year until a hard drive vanished at HMP Erlestoke, Wilts, in May last year. organised crime links of 2,935 lags were among the details lost. The information Commissioner`s Office said the oversight "beggars belief".

2014 27-9-2014 North-West Evening Mail: Disability group reports record numbers of hate crime victims. More victims of hate crime are coming forward than ever before. Barrow and district Disability assossiation said more victims of hate crime are coming forward than ever before. Disabled people have made complaints about being shouted at, being stalked and being consistently harassed in the streets. Honary Secretary Margaret Burrow says she is horiffied by some of the stories i`ve heard especially from people with learning disabilities.

2014 November 1st Daily Star: Psycho Leaders PSYCHOPATHS were set to run the country in an apocalypse. Their lack of a "moral code" would help them make the difficult decisions. Newly released Home Office files from 1982 disclosed one senior official thought they would be "very good in a crisis and had no feelings for others". Jane Hogg, a scientific officer at the time said: "These are the people who could be expected to show no psychological effects in the communities which have suffered the severest losses."

2015 Daily Mirror 3rd January: Snub for SAS in Anti-Terror Chief Change Deffence chiefs have secretly appointed a naval man as counter terror chief. The Special Boat Service officer is the first non SAS Director of Special Forces who advises Britain`s Prime Minister daily. His hush-hush appointment was signed off by David Cameron and Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nick Houghton. The SBS led kill or capture in Afganistan while the SAS remained largely in Iraq.

2015 22nd March, Mail on Sunday, Lord Evans has resigned as head of the National Crime Agency stating that his connection to HSBC has made his position untenable, Evans was head of MI5 between 2008 to 2013.

2015 Britains Police Federation meeting is told to stop crying wolf by Theresa May because crime is down. 35,000 police and support staff have been axed by David Cameron since 2010.

2015 Nick Herbert, Britain`s Policing Minister has told parliament that his Tory government led by David Cameron wants ACPO, (Association of Chief Police officers), to be wound up. ACPO has been running "Black opps," it was set up in 1948. ACPO is a private company witch is exempt from Freedom of Information requests and is directly involved with all of the activities detailed above.

2015 Jack Dromey Labour Shadow Police Minister told parliament that the Home Secretary Theresa May has got rid of thirty five thousand police. Home Secretary Theresa May told parliament that

2015 20th 7 2015, the guardian, Occupy listed alongside IRA in City force`s terror briefings. Police in London have been criticised for including activists from the city`s Occupy protests alongside al-Qaida and the IRA. Kevin Blowe, a Netpol co-ordinator, said this was repeated around the country and was the "result of including ill defined labels. like `domestic extremism`, within the language and strategies of counter-terrorism". Individuals are having their lawful activities recorded and retained on secret police databases. This can include any type of activist that the police dislike.

2015 Dr David Clarke has found a letter marked Top Secret in the national archives which was sent to Britain`s Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, from the Defence Minister Michael Heseltine dating back to 1983. Heseltine refers to the development of laser weapons to blind pilots as they attack Britain`s warship fleet against Argentinian pilots during the Falklands war. He says they have been developed were not used. These beam weapons being developed between Britain and America are now known to have also been pulsed electromagnetic microwave weapons. Thatcher stated she would use them against Russian aggression. That means anyone Thatcher didn`t like in Britain who she branded as militant tendency or commies were to have these weapons used on them.

7 January 2016 by Peter William Martin. Sent to CSAI and Undercover police inquiry.
The first paragraph of this evidence is linked to all the rest of the report as it catches every dimension of Britain`s secret state within a state and it reveals why Smith, Saville and all the rest knew they had nothing to worry about as regards child sexual abuse.

Cyril Smith aided asbestos factory subterfuge

By Dean Kirby

Executives at the world`s biggest asbestos factory spied on journalists and environmental campaigners who exposed the killer dust`s dangers and then launched a covert campaign to accuse them of being communists.

Secret industry documents seen by i newspaper reveal that the executives at Rochdale-based asbestos giant Turner and Newall monitored people they considered to be "subversive" and kept a dossier on their activities at the height of the debate about the minerals safety in the 1980s.

They also enlisted the help of the now disgraced Rochdale MP Cyril Smith to discredit the makers of an award-winning documentary that told how asbestos workers were dying from work-related cancer.

Campaigners are calling for an inquiry into "decades" of espionage against UK campaign groups. Crain Bennett, chief executive if Friends of the Earth, which was listed in the Turner and Newall files, said the latest revelations are "shocking".

He said: "It is clear that as long as people have campaigned for a better world, corrupt-sections of the elite have tryed to undermine their activities and misrepresent their arguments."

A letter dated 11 January 1983 in the Turner and Newall archives reveals executives sent a staff member to an asbestos campaign meeting posing as a member of the public, who then submitted a report.

The executives also revealed that they had ordered a "very confidential report" to be made on researchers involved in a pioneering Yorkshire TV documentary, "Alice a fight for life", which told the story of a 47-year-old former asbestos worker Alice Jefferson, who was dying from malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Turner and Newall`s reaction was to try to discredit the film by producing a secret report on the researchers, local asbestos campaigners and industrial injury solicitors-listing addresses and supposed political affiliations, including to communism.

Jason Addy, the researcher who uncovered the spying dossier, said: "There now needs to be a full investigation into Turner and Newall`s role in undermining the democratic process and its links with Cyril Smith."

(i) The TV documentary directed by John Willis, "linked asbestos with cancer" and attacked the government`s complacency in limiting the manafacture of asbestos in Britain.

Don't let 'cover-up' cop off hook, says Lawrence's father as he calls on the Met to block officer's retirement so he can face misconduct allegations.

•Commander Richard Walton plans to quit Metropolitan Police Wednesday
•Would allow £110,000-a-year officer to avoid answering a misconduct case
•It relates to an alleged plot to spy on family of murdered Stephen Lawrence
•The teenager's father has urged head of Scotland Yard to block retirement

By David Jones and Stephen Wright for the Daily Mail

Published: 01:21, 18 January 2016 | Updated: 01:36, 18 January 2016

The father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has urged the head of Scotland Yard to block the retirement of a senior officer embroiled in an alleged plot to spy on his family.
Commander Richard Walton plans to quit the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday, in a move that would allow him to avoid answering a misconduct case.
The £110,000-a-year officer, currently head of the force’s counter-terrorism unit, is accused of secretly conspiring with two undercover officers tasked with gathering intelligence on the Lawrence family in the late 1990s.
Last week, the Independent Police Complaints Commission concluded that Mr Walton had a ‘case to answer’ over the misconduct allegations and recommended that he face disciplinary proceedings.
But he plans to leave the force this week, which would mean he could no longer be subjected to such a process. On retirement, he can walk away with a lump-sum pension payout of about £300,000, plus an index-linked annual income of £55,000.
The news angered the father of Stephen, who was stabbed to death by a racist gang in South London in 1993. Speaking from his home in Jamaica yesterday, Neville Lawrence said Met boss Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe must stop Commander Walton from ‘taking the easy way out’.
The 73-year-old added: ‘It should not be too late for Sir Bernard to use his powers to make him stay in the police, so that his case can go through the proper disciplinary procedure. He shouldn’t be allowed to dodge his way out – he should be made to face the music.
The Met should have closed this loophole long ago. This inquiry [into spying on his family] has been going on for a long time now, so action should have been taken to ensure those involved are made to answer for what they are alleged to have done.
‘I would urge Sir Bernard to stop Commander Walton taking the easy way out. How can he just be allowed to retire quietly, with his big pension, when he is facing such serious accusations?’
It is alleged that Mr Walton was involved in a secret plot by a disgraced undercover unit to gather intelligence on the Lawrence family in the lead-up to publication of the damning Macpherson Inquiry report into Stephen’s murder.
Retiring: Commander Richard Walton (pictured) plans to quit the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday, in a move that would allow him to avoid answering a misconduct case which dates back to the 1990s
The unit’s reports included the fact that the teenager’s parents had separated.
The recommendation for disciplinary proceedings against Mr Walton came from the IPCC following a 19-month investigation.
Scotland Yard says it can do nothing about the officer’s retirement plans as he has not been suspended over the claims. Mr Walton, 50, has declined to comment.
Mr Lawrence said that if the officer did not face a hearing it would be ‘yet another betrayal of my family by the Metropolitan Police’.

Asylum seekers say they were singled out for attacks after G4S painted their front doors red Jeremy Wilson Asylum seekers in the Northern English city of Middlesbrough claim they have been attacked after they were identified by the red doors on their houses.

The asylum seekers are living in houses provided by a man called Stuart Monk, who has a contract with the government to house immigrants in the Northeast of England. Monk owns a company called Jomast, a subcontractor for global security group G4S, which has insisted on painting the doors of all their properties in a distinctive red colour.

The Times managed to identify 168 properties owned by Jomcast in Middlesborough, 155 of which had red doors. They also managed to speak to people living in 66 of the red-doored properties and found that 62 of them housed asylum seekers.

Some of these asylum seekers claimed the red doors had made them a target for people who had thrown stones and eggs at the properties. In one case it was alleged that dog excrement was smeared on a door and in another occasion the logo of the far-right National Front party was carved into a door.

G4S told Business Insider that there was an innocent explanation for the red doors. They said that it is normal for landlords to buy paint in bulk and that it "is ludicrous to suggest that this constitutes any form of discrimination."
However, following the story in the Times, G4S has agreed to paint the doors in different colours: "We have agreed to repaint doors in a range of colours after these concerns were brought to our attention."
It really would be odd if Jomast had painted the doors with any intention other than saving money. But there a couple of bits of context that call G4S' protests of complete innocence into question:
The first is that the Middlesborough-based Gazette newspaper is reporting that the area's previous MP, Ian Swales, raised the issue of the red doors two years ago in Parliament.
The second is that Times interviewed one asylum seeker who said they painted the door white, and then a Jomacast employee told them it was “against company policy” and repainted the door red.
The Home Office have started an "urgent audit" of asylum-seeker housing in the area.

2016, Tuesday April 19th, North West Evening Mail: The £335k Cost of Police Silence.

Probe reveals force used public cash to buy silence of officers.

POLICE chiefs have used public funds to buy the silence of 12 officers as they left the county`s police force in the last five years.

Cumbria Constabulary confirmed it had spent £334, 511, 44 on settlement agreements for the employees when they agreed to depart between 2011 and 2015.

The controversial contracts, which were known as compromise agreements until 2013, provided each officer with an enhanced severance package providing they agree to a set of strict conditions.

Usually, these include signing away the right to talk about work matters after they leave or revealing the true nature of their departure.

The use of settlement agreements for the former Cumbria police staff comes just a week after it was revealed that local authorities across England and Wales have deployed the contracts more than 17500 times in the last five years at a cost to the taxpayer of £226.7m.

Most were reported to have contained gagging orders preventing the employees criticising their town hall bosses.

Everything I have detailed above remains will remain a secret due to the return of the British Conservative party in 2010.

2016, North West Evening Mail, Thursday, April 21st: Police gagged over `secret` station visit.

Home office gagged police over minister`s secret visit to station

OFFICERS were warned to keep quiet about home secretary Theresa May`s “private visit” to officially open a £8 million taxpayer-funded police station.

Police officers and guests had been ordered not to talk about home secretary Theresa May`s visit to Barrow. The Home Office had warned that it could potentially interfere with next month`s Police and Crime Commissioners elections- a reason which has been branded by a politician from the government`s own party as a “ridiculous excuse”.

The home secretary is understood to have travelled to Barrow by car and had a number of Special Branch police officers as part of her security entourage.

The Evening Mail understands that both Cumbria police and Richard Rhode`s office, Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, had been given strict instructions not to publicise the event.

I had sent the above detail to Theresa May, Home Secretary, in a complaint, that the Under Cover Police Inquiry, she had herself set up, would not accept the above info only a month earlier.

2016, Britain`s Home Secretary, Theresa May, announces in parliament that she is merging Britain`s "nuclear police" with Counter Terror Police. Despite the fact that Britain`s Home Secretary, Theresa May, has got rid of thirty five thousand front line police officers and back staff in the past five years she assures parliament that with this latest merger we are again to be kept safe in the UK.

2016 August 10, Morning star: Mentally ill patients` deaths `not properly investigated` Hundreds of deaths of mentally ill patients may not have been properly investigated because they have been denied inquests, official figures showed yesterday. All deaths of people sectioned under the Mental Health Act, even if due to natural causes, are supposed to be reported to a coroner. But between 2011 and 2014 only 373 out of 1,115 deaths of people detained under the Act were reported to coroners in England and Wales, figures from the Minister of Justice and the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths show. Health officials said the discrepancy is likely to have occurred as a result of officials not flagging up deaths in detention. Rethink Mental illness charity director Brian Dow said: "These figures are alarming, especially if there is a risk that deaths have not been thoroughly investigated. "If incidents are not being appropriately referred and examined then lessons can`t be learnt about how to avoid further tragedies in the future." Shadow Health secretary Diana Abbott called the figures "shocking." She said: "If the state has deprived someone of their liberty and they die under detention, their death must be reported to a coroner.

2016 August 13 Nigel Farage who lead Britain out of the European Union appears on the Sam Delaine slot on the Russia Today programme where he said he had regular meetings at garden parties with Rupert Murdock. He also claimed to have single hand idly smashed Britain`s Nazi party headed by Nicholas Griffin. Farage explained that he was not a racist unlike Griffin and that most of Griffins followers had been recruited by his party UkIP. A week or so earlier Farage stated on tv that you would be surprised at what you can achieve with the little people.

Hitler knew that one as well!

Liberty and 40 other organisations demand inquiry after infamous security firm G4S wins discrimination helpline contract 05 September 2016 •Liberty, Tell MAMA and 39 others call for parliamentary inquiry into decision to award Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS) contract to global infamous security firm •Liberty dossier demonstrates repeated human rights abuses by G4S

Human rights and equality campaigners have come together to demand a parliamentary inquiry into why the infamous global security firm G4S was handed the contract to run a Government-funded helpline for victims of discrimination.

The news comes ahead of a debate in the House of Lords today (6 September) on the awarding of the contract.

Liberty, Tell MAMA and 39 other organisations have written to the Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, Harriet Harman MP – as well as the chairs of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, the Public Accounts Committee and the Home Affairs Select Committee – calling for an investigation after it was reported that G4S has won the contract to run the Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS) from 1 October.

The EASS provides expert advice and assistance on issues relating to equality and human rights across England, Scotland and Wales. Until October 2012, it was administered by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and in March this year a parliamentary report recommended the service be returned to the EHRC – a position fully supported by the EHRC themselves.

The campaigners want to see the award of the contract placed on hold until an investigation into both the tendering process and the suitability of G4S to deliver the service is carried out.

Liberty has produced a dossier collating the company’s reported failings on human rights and equality in the UK.

It highlights that: •A 15-year-old girl at G4S’s Medway Secure Training Centre in 2011 has claimed she was left all night in her room after having a miscarriage and was not taken to hospital for a week and a half.

•In November 2015, 37-year-old epileptic man Mohamoud Ahmed Ali died in his cell at G4S-run Parc prison in Wales.

•An inquest jury found his condition was never diagnosed because escorts had repeatedly failed to take him to his medical appointments, despite referrals from neurologists after he began suffering seizures in 2012.

•In 2011, during a High Court challenge, G4S whistleblowers prepared statements alleging routine racist and sexist abuse among staff and the use of unsafe restraint techniques.

•Dozens of extremely racist text messages were found on the phones of the G4S security guards involved in the unlawful killing of Jimmy Mubenga – a 46-year-old Angolan man who died in 2010 while being removed from the UK by the company.

A SumOfUs petition urging the Secretary of State for Education, Women and Equalities not to hand over the service to G4S, and instead hand responsibility back to the EHRC, has received more than 50,000 signatures.

Acting on these shared concerns, the charity Law Centres Network has initiated a legal challenge to the EASS contract tender process and to the offer of the contract to G4S, issuing a Letter Before Action to the Education Secretary in her capacity as Minister for Women and Equalities.

Bella Sankey, Director of Policy for Liberty, said: “The EASS provides expert advice to those who face discrimination – whether refused accommodation because of their race, or sacked from their job because of their age.

“G4S has been responsible for countless human rights violations, and the mistreatment and even unlawful killing of people in their care. It’s hard to think of a company more ill-equipped to provide this vital service.

“Liberty joins other equality and rights organisations in demanding that this perverse decision be halted while Parliament investigates.”

For interviews, contact: 0207 378 3677 / 07973 831 128 /

Full list of signatories:

(* Organisations that have offered their support since the joint letter was published)

Action and Rights of Disabled People in Newham

Advice Services Alliance

Bail for Immigration Detainees


CEMVO Scotland*

Detention Action

Disability Advice Service Lambeth

Discrimination Law Association


Enfield Disability Action

Enfield LGBT Network

Enfield Women's Centre

Equal Lives

Equality Network*

Faith Matters

Friends, Families and Travellers

Greenwich Association of Disabled People

Inclusion London


Institute of Race Relations

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

JUST West Yorkshire

Kingston Visual Impairment Parliament

Law Centres Network

Legal Aid Practitioners Group

LGBT Consortium


London Autistic Rights Movement

Merton Centre for Independent Living

Operation Black Vote

Positive Action in Housing*

Prisoners’ Advice Service

Public Concern at Work*

Race Equality Foundation

Race Equality Matters

Race on the Agenda

Redbridge Equality and Community Council*

Redbridge Concern for Mental Health

Rights Watch UK


Safety 4 Sisters

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)*

Sisters of Frida
Southall Black Sisters*



The Howard League for Penal Reform

The Runnymede Trust


Women for Refugee Women

Women's Resource Centre